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Game created during Coffee Jam.

Dev Coffee Boy is a game where you play as a young aspiring boy who was bored with his current life and  wants to try his strengths in video game corporation and be part of the GREATEST GAME DEVELOPER COMMUNITY. Your first job as game dev intern is…

Making coffee and serving it to developers around the studio, so they won’t waste time for, let us say.. Less important stuff. You are the man in charge.. Of coffee! And it’s your task to support studio so all of you, hard working people can produce the game with highest metascore ever! Be cautious  of studio hostile environments like wet floor or freezing breeze of air conditioning. It’s sounds silly, but be aware, we warned you. Fasten your laces and be fast!

- WSAD: movement
- SHIFT: walk

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Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, coffee, coffee-jam, devoffice, devstory, Game Jam, jam, Unreal Engine


DevCoffeBoyJam.7z 119 MB


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What software did you use for the 3D models. They look quite good.

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Hi. Thanks!  We used Blender nad 3ds Max